Youth Athletic Performance,Speed,Agility,Plyometrics Training

F.A.S.T. is proud to offer youth athletic, speed, agility, plyometrics and conditioning training for youth athletes, starting at age 7, in addition to post collegiate and professional athletes. Youth sports is fun, yet demanding. Sporting activities requires athletes, at a moment’s notice, to be able to sprint up and down the field, track, court, or even a mat; not to mention, being able to sustain bumps and bruises along the way.  The older the athlete gets, the more demanding the sport becomes. The need for speed and explosiveness becomes vital.

Yes, sport specific skills and technique are a must when taking that certain sport from fun recreation to fun and competitive. To fully reach an athlete’s potential in any sport, an athlete must be well conditioned. A well conditioned athlete has endless options to pursuing their level of desired competitive play.

All group/team athletic training sessions and rates:

Starting Fall , Sunday mornings at 10AM, or 11AM.
Mon, Wed evenings at 6:30PM and Friday at 5:00PM, or 6:30PM.

6 weeks – 1x per week $99 per athlete.
6weeks – 2x per week $175 per athlete
6 weeks- 3x per week $249 per athlete.
All sessions are 60-75 minutes. All registered athletes will receive a FREE T-shirt, sling bag, and water bottle.

10% discount for first sibling, and 15% discount for each additional sibling.

Registration: Fill in the athlete’s information as well as the parent or guardian’s name by going to the Contact page. Be sure to indicate your day/time of preference for the athlete based on the times/days given above. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and or concerns you may have.

Individual athletic training sessions and rates:

Looking for more private training sessions with individual attention to focus on sport specific mechanics while increasing strength and agility, then this option would be more conducive for the athlete. These sessions last from 60-80minutes.  If unsure, contact us first, and we will assist you with making the decision that’s best for your athlete.

6 weeks – 1x per week $599.
6 weeks – 2x per week $780
6 weeks- 3x per week $882 (best deal)

***Note, programs are best put together in 6 week increments of repetition to allow for growth and muscle memory. Yet we highly encourage athletes to go through 12 week programs during the off-season of their sport to maximize the athlete’s potential.