Personal Training Packages

All packages are performed by a licensed, Certified Personal Trainer, and are available in the convenience of your home, a local health club (where applicable), or a studio. We specialize in Sport Specific training, Bodybuilding and Figure and Physique Competition Training Youth Athletic Training, Fitness and Weight-loss, Lifestyle changes. FAST is about results when looking for a trainer or coach. We operate in a private studio.

Total-Body Package
Individuals looking to lose weight, tone, increase stamina, and improve their overall fitness level

Partner/Group Training Package
Working out with a partner or group of friends

Sport Specific Training
Intense plyometrics, speedwork, agility drills, and sport specific strength training for those athletes looking to take it to the next level

Figure, Physique and Bikini Prep Coaching
One-on-one introductory training

Online Training
Contact us for further information

Please note: unless otherwise arranged, all packages include an initial fitness consultation which encompasses most of or all of the first session. These usually include body composition measurements, a medical history and health assessment, and projected program review and recommendations. In addition, per request, heart rate analysis along with Vo2 Max results for athletes are provided. Body composition/heart rate analysis alone are $99.

Total Body Package

This package caters to the entire body, not just focusing on certain areas like body fat and cardio, but all of the compound components that are assessed in reaching your goals. To help those reach one or even several among many goals…losing body fat, losing ‘scale weight’ (yes there is a difference), enhancing various cardio, nutrition, weight loss, fat loss, strengthening & toning, flexibility, and weight workouts this package caters to it all.

Those who aren’t sure of which way to go but know that you need to start something after talking with the trainer, this package can definitely answer all of your questions.

One session per week = $99/session
4 weeks, 1 session weekly = $396 ($99)
6 weeks, 2 sessions weekly = $948 ($79)
6 weeks, 3 sessions weekly = $1386 ($77)
8 weeks, 2 sessions weekly = $1199 ($75)
12 weeks, 2 sessions weekly = $1799 ($75)
12 weeks, 3 sessions weekly = $2664 ($74)
1/2-hour sessions are available for $45 each, available at our in-home studio only.

**Unlimited Monthly Training = $800 (per month)

Purchase 18 or more sessions and get a free gift!

Partner/Group Training Package

Group or partner training is a great way for couples or even friends to workout together and push one another. This package allows for the duo to get in shape together, with no more utterings of, “I can’t do it by myself.” Workout with a friend, relative, or loved one.

6-week group training: 12 sessions, 2 sessions weekly:
Duo: $744 per individual ($62 per session)
Trio: $672 per individual ($56 per session)
6-week group training: 18 sessions, 3 sessions weekly:
Duo: $1008 per individual ($56 per session)
Trio: $882 per individual ($49 per session)

Athlete Package

This package caters to athletes looking to increase strength, gain muscle, lose body fat mass, develop speed, explosiveness, power and get better overall, results.

This package uses state-of-the-art power equipment and plyometrics to train for strength, explosiveness, and speed.

Those looking to increase their bench press to make the football starting squad, jump higher in order to dunk, or seeking the challenge to gain that extra edge, this is the package for you.

Train as a team, or come by yourself and join others with desire just like you!

Solo rates:
Six 1-1/2-hour sessions: $675
Nine 1-1/2-hour sessions: $945
18 one-hour sessions: $1,314

Group Packages:
4 or more athletes:
Eight 1-1/2-hour sessions $480 per athlete
Six 1-1/2-hour sessions: $387 per athlete
12 or more athletes:
Eight 1-1/2-hour sessions: $160 per athlete

If you are looking to be put in a group rather that receiving one-on-one sessions please call for more information.

Special individual training also available for those just wanting to get faster, just wanting to perform plyometrics, or just wanting to concentrate on strength training.