All packaged-personal training plans includes nutritional guidance and customized nutritional plans that go hand-in-hand with the customized exercise plan that is developed based on each individual’s needs.

Nutritional Plans are also available without having to purchase exercise plans. If you are strictly looking to tighten up your eating habits, learn better eating habits, learn how to shop and read grocery labels, or have a specific event and or copetition you need to lose several pounds for then you will need to fill out the questionnaire.

You do not need to be local to FAST Personal Training to see results from nutritional programs. The bulk of communication is done online via email. You will initially receive a nutrition plan once you have completed the necessary steps. The plans are good for 3-4 weeks depending what you need. Then you will receive
follow up plans every 3-4 weeks for the duration of your nutrition program and or until your desired goals are met.

Initial nutritional plans-Based on nutritional questionnaire completed cost $179
Each follow up plan is provided 4-6 weeks later. Cost $79

Initial Nutrition with strength and cardio training plans- Cost $309
Each follow up plan for strength is 4 weeks and nutrition 4 weeks later- Cost $145

The simple steps to receiving nutritional guidance and meal plans are as follows.

  1. Fill out the
  2. Submit a recent full body shot of your front and back in form fitting clothing or bikini to
  3. Payment to be made.
    You can expect to receive your initial nutritional plan within 1-2 weeks.

Initial Program Options

Monthly Renewal Program Options