Amilia’s Success pt.2

Post 5-Month update. Remember Amilia’s story above. Well Amilia finished her first 1/2 marathon back in March 2015. We are happy to say that Amilia has not only lost the weight but has applied what she learned and has kept the weight off. That’s just as impressive as losing the weight, to be able to keep it off for the past 5-months. Now Amilia has taken the next leap. She has committed to stepping on stage come 2016 and compete in her first figure/physique competition.

Amilia’s Success

Congratulations to Amilia. One of FAST’s success stories. Amilia, started training approximately 20 weeks ago with hopes of shedding some weight and getting healthier. Being a former collegiate athlete, she knew all too well the dos and don’ts, it was simply a matter of when and how. Through her initial 8 week program, Amilia, started to see subtle differences, her pants size start to lower, and then her weight had dropped 9 lbs. Kicking things into gear, Amilia worked harder over the next 8 weeks and during that time decided to shoot for a goal of running her first 1/2 marathon. We are happy to say that Amilia has lost 28 lbs overall, and 18% body fat. Finding her lean former collegiate athlete she once knew. Well she was there the whole time, she just needed a nudge, or two! Amilia is one step away from accomplishing all her goals she set out to accomplish 16 weeks ago, and that is compete in her first 1/2 marathon on March 15th.

Young, Talented, Up and Coming

Young, talented, up and coming…. Nubi, 10 year old track athlete who made it all the way to USA Youth Track Nationals this past summer in the 4×400. As she wrapped up her out-door season, blinked her eye and is now underway in fall XC season. Again, we want to congratulate you on all your hard work as we prepare for indoor youth track championships April 2016. Godspeed!